The (not so) secret life of bloggers..

More than once friends of mine with whom I haven’t spoken in a while say something like “I know how you are, I have you on Facebook” or “I read your blog”. Well…thank you..but that doesn’t mean you know what’s going on with me. And the same thing goes for people who just read my blog.
You read my blog and yes, you do know a part of me. One part, one side of many. I don’t blog about my personal life, because it doesn’t just consist of me. I have parents, family and friends who might not want to be exposed here. That’s why I always ask if I can use a photo when there’s someone else in it..
This blog is a platform for me to write about things I don’t have anyone to talk about. And also to give my Parents and my friends a window into my life here in Vienna. But I don’t write about everything in my life here.
There are things I keep private, be it opinions, things I do or places I go and also people in my life. I think it’s very easy to get caught into the whole thing of blogging and even if I do write about important things in my life, such as my Graduation or me moving here, I don’t share everything here and I won’t.
It’s pretty easy for people to judge a book by its cover, and therefore it’s also easy for someone to think that bloggers don’t have any further thoughts than what they write on their blogs, but next time you want to think someone is superficial or doesn’t talk about anything but clothes and fashion, take a moment to think about the person behind the blog.
And if you want to know me better, ask me anything or give an opinion, you can always e-mail me at rosielifestyleblog@gmail, that’s what I have the e-mail for!


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