The secret I’ve been keeping: We are engaged!

I started blogging at 14 years old. Back then I shared everything. Today I only share a small part of my life. This is one thing I do not want to keep from you!

Verlobungsring Rosie von Waldherr


Markus proposed to me on our third year anniversary. We had spoken about previously, but it was still a surprise to me! I just didn’t see it coming, he did well in not letting any clues out – and that’s hard to do with me!

Markus wanted it to be special and for Benjamin to be a part of it. He proposed to me at home and it was the sweetest, most romantic thing ever and I will remember it forever!


I will share more things regarding the wedding and all that goes into it here on the blog. Maybe in the form of  Wedding Wednesday, I am still deciding.  I would love it if you followed me on this journey!


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