The Swarovski instawalk

Those of you who follow me on social media know I spent last Friday and Saturday in the Austrian Blogger Conference called ABCstars. It was held in Linz in the most amazing location called TabakfarbikOne of the things organized were instawalks – walks where you take photographs for Instagram. I chose the one with Swarovski and here are my photographs – beware, this is a photo loaded post!

They put figurines and other things in the most unexpected places. I loved the mixture of luxury and the Tabakfabrik, which is pretty rustic and full of things they didn’t have place to put, such as furniture and lockers. The result? Amazing location for amazing photographs!

PS: all of these are unedited and just like I took them. Wanted to show you the raw result.

I took so many photographs and had an amazing experience with Swarovski and Kristallwelten, ABCstars and Igers Linz, who organized this walk. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of going to places in the Tabakfabrik that you usually don’t get to see. 

I’m preparing a post all about the conference, it should be up next week!


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