Pregnancy: 10 lies people tell you

Pregnancy: a time of bliss?

The worst thing about pregnancy is supposed to be morning sickness. The first thing people ask you when you tell them you’re expecting is usually how you are dealing with it. Ok, while I do understand how that may put some people off, there are a lot of other things I absolutely hate about being pregnant. From things I wasn’t expecting, to those people just plain forget to talk about when mentioning pregnancy, here are:

10 lies people tell you about pregnancy

Pregnancy lie number 1

It will be the best time of your life 

In case you didn’t think about it, growing a human being requires changes to your body. And those changes require ligaments being pulled, organs changing places and skin stretching, to mention a few. In other words: it bloody hurts!!! You have cramps, you have pains, your skin is itchy (and in some cases blotchy!), your back hurts, pretty much everything hurts!

Pregnancy lie number 2

 The Pregnancy Glow 

 Honestly, I am still looking for my glow. I feel deceived by every woman I ever spoke to and every book and website I have read. Everyone lied to me, that’s how I feel. Glow? Dewy skin? Well, I sure as hell expect it to come in the next 8 weeks of pregnancy or I will be extremely disappointed!!!

During the 1st Trimester I looked like a teenager – and not in a good way, may I add! I got so many pimples and acne, like never before. In my teenage years, I was blessed to never have to deal with acne and only got an odd pimple around that time of the month. So it was a shock to wake up with a face looking like a battlefield. Thank goodness things have gotten a bit better, but I still have cystic acne on my chin from time to time. 

Pregnancy lie number 3

Anything concerning morning sickness

This is seriously what people speak the most of about pregnancy: morning sickness. I mean, people telling me the weirdest places they threw up (which btw, is not what someone with Emetophobia wants to hear!), the weird cravings for pickles with chocolate they had or wanting to eat raw meat all the damn time. Most of them also told me morning sickness would go away once I got to the second trimester.

Well…LIES, they were ALL LIES! Morning sickness does not happen only in the morning – in my case, it was either in the evening or when I hadn’t eaten anything for what seemed like 10 minutes (but was actually more like 1h). And it did not go away! I still experience nausea on a daily basis, smells still make me queasy (but that also happened pre-pregnancy) and I still have to eat every 2 hours or I will feel sick. I also gag or retch a lot (which was really unnerving in the beginning, because I thought I would throw up, but by now I already know nothing will happen), especially if I am hungry. Which brings me to…

Pregnancy lie number 4

The insatiable hunger that never goes away

People told me I would be hungry. Like, all the time! Thing is, I have not felt hunger in years. Yes, you read that right. I know when my body is hungry because my stomach growls or when I start feeling dizzy (in extreme cases). During the first pregnancy trimester, I experienced hunger for the first time in years and in the beginning didn’t even know what it was. But now at 22 weeks, that has gone away again. I don’t crave weird things, I don’t need something in an exact moment (I do however get “hangry” if I haven’t had anything for too long, but no hunger feeling). The only thing I am craving at the moment is clementines. Which is not really uncommon, since I always crave them during this time of the year. 

Pregnancy lie number 5

The amazing 2nd pregnancy Trimester

Everyone you speak you (regardless if they actually have ever been pregnant or not) will tell you how everything is amazing during the 2nd Trimester. I would like to smack all of those who say that right in their heads. Seriously?! I was just as tired as I was in the 1st Trimester, with the added change that I was unable to sleep. Some people call it insomnia, I just call it getting back to normal – I have always had trouble sleeping and staying asleep. It never really bothered me, because I would still feel rested. The difference now is that I am utterly exhausted all the time and am unable to sleep, which means I am not getting the rest I need at the moment. 

Pregnancy lie number 6

Your hair will look luscious and shiny

While my hair has been growing very fast in this pregnancy, it is far from looking luscious or shiny. It just looks….dull. That would be the best word to describe it. Maybe this will change until the baby is here and I will have luscious hair by the end of this pregnancy. I shall keep you all posted. 

Pregnancy lie number 7

Needing to eat for two or anything regarding weight gain

There is no reason for a pregnant woman to eat for two, in the 1st Trimester women should actually try to eat as much as they normally do. Then in the 2nd Trimester, you’re supposed to add between 200 and 300 kcal to your daily intake. But that is not always the case.

I am currently at 32 weeks and not only have only gained 2kg, with 1.5kg being the baby’s weight. And yes, I have a bump, my baby is perfectly fine, measuring as it should and I am perfectly healthy. Recently someone commented that my baby could not possibly be healthy or ok because I have not put any weight on. That comment really bothered me, not just because the person in question didn’t have the decency to say it directly to me (saying it while speaking to someone else, when I could hear it), but because it is such an ignorant thing to say

Pregnancy lie number 8

Your boobs will get HUGE and hurt all the time

Alongside with people telling you your boobs will hurt all the time – which has not happened to me at all! – people also say they will grow one to two cup sizes during your pregnancy. Having already had a breast reduction six years ago, this was making me very nervous. Well, my boobs did not grow one bit, they actually got two whole cup sizes smaller!!! (obviously, this does not mean they won’t grow once they start having milk).

And what pain is concerned, I only experience the normal sensitivity on my surgery scars, which are rather big. This is something that has always happened, especially when the weather is changing and/or I have been wearing the same bra for more than 2 days because the band is right on the scars. 

Pregnancy lie number 9

You will get a dark line on your stomach right after your positive test

Ok, yes, I am exaggerating. This dark line that will go from your belly button down to your pelvis is called linea nigra. Basically, that line is already there, everyone has it, only it’s not noticeable because it is white or very light. But not everyone will get that line during pregnancy, or better yet, it won’t get dark for everyone. The darker your skin color is, the higher the chance of your linea nigra appearing earlier. Lighter skin colors won’t get it until later on in the pregnancy IF they even get it. It all comes down to your skin color and there is nothing wrong if you don’t get the linea nigra at all during your pregnancy. 

Pregnancy lie number 10

Coffee is completely forbidden

*insert huge eye roll*

This was the first thing I googled and my doctor actually told me to drink one or two cups of coffee because my blood pressure is so low. A healthy pregnant woman can drink up to 200 mg of caffeine a day, which is one or two cups of coffee, depending on how strong you make it. Since I drink it with a lot of milk, I can get away with two daily cups of delicious coffee. What really bothers me is people who shame you or try to make you feel bad for drinking a freaking cup of coffee while pregnant. Seriously?! If I were smoking or walking around drunk, then I would accept people to worry about the health of my baby. 

These are just 10 lies people tell you about pregnancy, from what I have experienced. Can you think of any more I should add?


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