This was the Curvect Bride Salon 2018

As some of you may know, Bobby from Curvect is one of my dearest friends. Naturally, when she first told me about the Curvect Bride Salon I immediately told her I would be there. And so we (Markus, Benjamin and I) drove to Vienna on the 21st of October. Keep on reading to find out how it was!

The Curvect Bride Salon targeted plus size women and showcased not only wedding and ball gowns but also accessories and cosmetics. The dresses started at size 42, making this the perfect place to feel comfortable (and beautiful!) while browsing the dresses for your big occasion. There was also a photographer, a makeup artist, a baker, and even a florist! 


Once we got there, Bobby was the first person I saw and I instantly felt a wave of pride washing over me. There she was, an amazing human being who put this event together to make other plus size women feel beautiful! 

The first shop corner I visited was Frl Else Vintage and I even got to talk with the owner. She told me some news about Chantelle and their underwear, as well as about Falke’s new tights – which I definitely will be getting sometime! Then I stopped by Miriam Jezek’s corner. I love how she not only caters to plus size women but also makes smart pieces which can be combined with each other seamlessly! I fell in love with the top and skirt below – the skirt has tulle on one side and satin on the other and you can choose which side you want to wear it. 

Curvect Bride Salon 2018 - Rosie Waldherr


And then something amazing happened! I was checking the ball gowns (and swooning over them) and Edita stopped by. She mentioned how gorgeous the dresses would be for a ball. I told her I’ve never been to a ball before because they don’t have them in Portugal. Next thing I know, I agreed to try one of the dresses on and she’s helping me get into it!

The dress was gorgeous and I felt great in it. We then went to take my picture taken by a professional photographer who was at the event and I even got to drawn by Janin.F! While I was walking around wearing the dress, a lot of people complimented me on it – genuine compliments! – and I felt so beautiful. I felt such a mixture of emotions and they got the best of me…I felt so thankful to Bobby, so proud of her, so happy to be able to go through this experience. And needless to say, the drawing is now framed!

Curvect Bride Salon 2018 - Rosie Waldherr

If I have to be honest, that was the highlight of the Curvect Bride Salon 2018 for me! But of course, I still checked every other stand at the salon and talked to a lot of people. I got to try the airbrushed foundation and have a short talk with Angie from Makeup by Angie. The foundation looked amazing, but I have to admit it was weird getting it on – it felt like I was breathing in dust, so I may have held my breath while she was applying it. Still, I think that is just a matter of getting used to it. 


I also really loved talking to Eliska from The Perfect Fit, which is all about the perfect bra! Bras have always been something I loved and hated. I breasts developed very early and got very big very soon. As a teenager, I never had a good-fitting bra, nor one that didn’t look like it belonged to an old lady. After my surgery, I started to wear the right bra size and can say I am now quite an expert on it. Eliska gave me the best compliment someone can receive: she said I was wearing the perfect bra size. Made my boobs proud! 

Over 80% of women wear the wrong bra size and this is where a fitting comes in handy! Sure, the bras will be more expensive than your average H&M one, but they are also better quality. I already know I will be having an appointment with Eliska at The Perfect Fit before the wedding. 


One of the people I was the most excited (and nervous!) to meet, was Edita Rosenrot. She makes the most amazing “modern vintage headpieces and jewelry”. I have been following her on Instagram for a while now and love her pieces! We spent some time looking at her pieces and I may or may not be getting my earrings for the wedding from her as well. What makes her pieces so special, besides them being beautiful, is that she makes them herself – every single one of them! 

Curvect Bride Salon 2018 - Rosie Waldherr

Another person I was super excited to meet was Ina Holub! Self-professed Fat Homo Feminist, she is a power woman if you ever met one! She is non-apologetic, strong-minded and isn’t afraid to make a stand – no matter how shocking it may seem to other people. Her wife M. is also super cool – Benjamin really liked both of them and I have learned that he is a very good judge of character! I was totally fangirling and Ina was the sweetest ever, so down to earth and I want her to be my new best friend!

I also found funny that two other girls who were visiting the salon recognized me from my blog and Instagram! That hardly ever happens and I think I may have come across as a bit awkward because I didn’t know how to act – if you’re reading this I am sorry for that, you guys were super sweet!

The Curvect Bride Salon 2018 was amazing! It was a fairytale of dresses and curvy goddesses! I am so proud of Bobby for putting this amazing event together, being a super amazing cool person with an even better sense of humor and being a great friend! Congratulations on an amazing event. 


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