Update: Daisy and Donald

Sometimes I like to stop and think back at what has been. 2015 was great for a lot of reasons, the biggest definitely seeing my two tigers grow…and since some of you have requested it, today I’m coming with an update on Daisy and Donald.

I remember when Daisy and Donald first came home with me. They wouldn’t get out from behind the heater (which btw didn’t work in my old apartment). Eventually I guess they just realized I can’t be so bad, since I feed them and once it got cold they probably thought I was a good heater. Those of you who’ve been following me longer, know how much of a mixture of feelings it was, to get these little babies. And now I cannot get enough of them.

Donald was always very keen on making weird faces, while Daisy is a lady. They always loved sitting in front of the windows and even today I think Donald spends the majority of his time at the kitchen window, looking down.

Seriously, how beautiful is he? No one would ever guess what a devil he is. He really wants to explore, get out and we’re considering taking him to Markus’ Dad’s. He has a farm and Donald would be able to run and explore as much as he wants. It breaks my heart to think of giving him away, after everything, but I do see that he just isn’t an apartment cat and I think he’d be much happier over there. Besides, I would still be able to see him once in a while. And at the end of the day, the most important thing is that he’s happy.

Unlike her brother, Daisy totally is a house cat. She likes to curl up on the sofa, doesn’t really like to climb onto furniture (unless it is to get away of Donald when he’s annoying her), cuddling is her favorite sport and she always greets you once you get home. Except she actually doesn’t stop greeting us, until both of us take her up in our arms and tell her hi. Afterwards she proceeds to drool all over us and purr her weird purr, that’s not really a purr. And whenever we’re on the couch watching TV, she makes it a point of being on top of both of us. Doesn’t really matter how she does it, even if it’s just her butt on top of me and the rest on Markus. So yeah, she’s a real cuddly apartment cat.

I hope you guys liked this post, some of you have been asking me on snapchat about them, since they’re the stars of it. My snapchat btw is rosiefwaldherr and I’d love it if you followed me!


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