Haag Zoo through my lens

Or, when Rosie touches all the animals

I think by now you all already know how much I love animals. I think animals are sometimes even more loving than people! And as always when we go to the zoo, I also had to have a bag of food and touch all of the animals at the Haag Zoo.

Fun fact: I actually ask the animals if they allow me to touch/pet them. Yup, you read it right, I ask them! It is very interesting to see how much animals actually understand. 

A few weeks ago we went to the Haar Zoo in Lower Austria, about an hour away from us. Today I am sharing with you the pictures we took that day:



As always, I was super happy to be in the Haag Zoo! The animals are treated really well here in Austria, compared with other places, and you can see it in the animals as well.

Do you know the Haag Zoo? What is your favorite animal?



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