Translated Open letter to: Margarida Rebelo Pinto

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This post is the translation of the previous post. I’ll explain: A couple of days ago I was on my private Facebook and I saw a link to a text written by someone I had never heard of (Margarida Rebelo Pinto) with the title “The fatties and the others” (translated).

 It was a very vile text where the woman basically trashed curvy women, saying that they get to be friends with guys because they are “tom-boys,fat and without curves” and they don’t see us like women. She wrote that curvy girls swear at the table and get away with being pigs because they have a special status into the guys group.. I decided to write an open letter addressing the issue and I posted it on my Facebook…since then I’ve gotten so much good feedback that I decided to post it here and translate my letter into English as well! Please realize it is a very sarcastic letter, I was not aiming for a hateful letter!

Here it is:

Open letter to Margarida Rebelo Pinto:

After carefully reading your article published published on the site of Semanário Sol, from the 12th of September of 2010, named “The Fatties and the others” (title translated) I have some questions and am quite worried:

I cannot understand how I haven’t seen this article before. I can’t explain either how I, being myself a “Fatty”, could live my whole life without knowing about this “Code of Conduct” of the Fatties”!

After reading your article I realized I do not act like you say “Fatties” do! After all:

  • I’ve always been extremely feminine;
  • I do not swear or say bad words;
  • I have boobs, a small waist and hips, therefore I’m curvy and I’ve never been told by a man that I don’t look good;
  • I do not consume vodka (not one and less even seven!) and I’ve never had one of my male friends “try” something with me because he was drunk or felt sorry for me;
  • I’ve never had problems finding a boyfriend;

As you can see, I have not been aware of the social conduct of the “Fatties” and I must say I’m extremely worried…after all what is going to be of me if I don’t act appropriately, right?

On a different note, it also worries me that some with such a high education like yourself (you even graduated in the same major I am taking!) is hanging out in places where people , as you put it:

“swear, talk about sex at the table, get drunk and take other substances that give euphoria, can even pee with open legs in a street of Bairro alto (traditional going out place in Lisbon) because they are part of the ‘group’ and everyone finds it funny and won’t condemn it”

 I say this because, where I hang out, behaviors like the ones you describe are not tolerated (whether they come from “Fatties” or “Hotties” [as she puts it])! And maybe you’re not aware, but pointing someone the finger to call them names like slut or pig is something “Hotties” do as much as the “Fatties”!!

But now I find myself questioning everything in my life! Because, according to your article, only the “Hotties” are women! And now? Where do I and all the other “Fatties” that always thought they were women fit in? Not to mention that you say:

“A hot woman cannot swear or talk loudly without everyone complaining. A Fattie on the other hand can say and do what she wants because she has a special status and is immune”

What about all the hot women I see out acting in a very shocking way, swearing, drinking to much and behaving like you described in your article?

I must say this article gave me more questions than answers. I finished reading it confused and not knowing where I fit in nowadays society.. I’ve always acted like I thought a Lady should act (even following advice from great women like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly) and now I find myself not knowing how I should act or even if I should follow the lead of these Ladies since they are obviously part of the “Hotties” and not the “Fatties” group!

I must also add that by reading your article I have the impression you despise a bit Curvy women (but just a bit!!!) and I’m a bit curious to know if that is the case and, if so, why! Did you have a confrontation with someone a bit Curvy? Maybe something happened during your childhood or some crush liked a Curvy girl better than you?…

Regardless, I think you should work on that! Because keeping things in and being a (small, tiny actually) hater is not only bad, but it creates lines on your face! And I have the impressions lines on your face is something you do not want to have, you wouldn’t be a “Hottie” anymore and then you would have to write another article letting us know about another new social class and I believe that would be extremely tiring… Or, on another note, it would probably be cheaper for you to get botox…at least you would save on the headaches the new article would give you!!


Rosie von Waldherr

As you might notice, this was a very sarcastic open letter. I do not think being hateful or starting a fight is the way to comment on something like this. I do feel like the article this woman wrote is vile and discriminating in every way possible. I later on saw a video where she talked about this and I must say, I really did not like her!!! 

I had never heard of this woman before, but after googling her I now know she’s a writer  and has written not only books but also different articles in multiple magazines. She is also supposed to be some kind of “socialite” of Portugal. Which, in my book, makes her article even worse!!! She should be a role model…and honestly..I have my doubts as if she even is a good person!



  1. 25. August 2012 / 9:11 pm

    What really worries me is that someone is publishing her texts, I mean i would put her in a cave and leave her alone.
    This woman is totally crazy in my opinion and hopefully someone will notice it.

  2. 25. August 2012 / 10:16 pm

    I know! It was published in a magazine and it's suppose to be an “opinion” article…but the way she wrote and what she wrote are just not ok!!! She is completely insane!

    Worse, she has a small boy, what kind of image is she portraying towards him? He'll grow up discriminating curvy women and thinking it is ok to say the things she said!!

    I'm just really scared because a lot of young girls look up to her and someone who is supposed to be a role model should be very careful about what they write!!!


  3. 25. August 2012 / 10:44 pm

    Rosie, como o meu ingles é pessimo, escrevo em portugues.
    Cheguei aqui na sequencia da minha indignaçao ao “artigo” de Margarida Rebelo Pinto e da sua excelente resposta ao mesmo no FB.
    O trabalho desta senhora nunca teve valor suficiente para me cativar e hoje quando através de uma amiga li o referido texto fiquei indignada. Mas a 1ª questão que coloquei a mim própria foi: como é possivel o “Sol” entender que o conteudo (ou falta dele) deste texto se enquadra no editorial de um jornal que pretende ser de qualidade.
    Trata-se de um texto que demonstra claramente que esta pessoa está com graves problemas e não se resolvem com dietas ou exercico. Esta pessoa presumo que sofra de falta de amor próprio.
    Precisa ainda, que alguem lhe diga que para escrever não é suficiente juntar letras é preciso ter uma escrita com conteudo válido. Tanta gente que sabe escrever de uma forma rica, intensa e com conteudo que não tem oportunidade para o mostrar … e esta mostra-se de uma forma patética e ainda lhe pagam para o efeito.

  4. 26. August 2012 / 4:47 pm

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    Have a nice day! 🙂

  5. 26. August 2012 / 6:51 pm

    Yes, she is…and it really worries me…


  6. 26. August 2012 / 6:53 pm

    Não tem problema algum! Eu pus a carta aberta também em versão portuguesa noutro post antes deste =)

    Eu pessoalmente nunca tinha lido nada dela (e para dizer a verdade nem sabia quem ela era quando li o nome) mas fiquei bastante indignada com o facto do “Sol” ter sequer imprimido tal “artigo”! Concordo consigo, acho que ela sofre de falta de amor próprio e também de bastante dor de cotovelo!!!

    Obrigada pelo comentário =)


  7. 26. August 2012 / 6:56 pm


    Thank you! Definitely =)


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