Trending: Gladiator Sandals!

I think anyone who reads blogs, magazines or likes fashion has noticed this year’s big Summer trend:

Gladiator Sandals!


Gladiator sandals are nothing new, they’ve been around for a lot of seasons and rightful so! You can style a gladiator sandal is many different ways from casual to dressy.

You can get them with a high-heel, a stiletto or just plain flats. Going up until your knee or stopping mid-calf, gladiators are versatile and perfect for any occasion! Personally I like a flat and shorter version, but the high heeled pair on the bottom right of the collage I made is just gorgeous!!!

Do you wear gladiators? Everyone and their sister have been sporting a pair from Zara in light pink. Whilst I do find this pair really pretty, I also find that it’s lost its appeal for me because everyone is wearing it..



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