Unknown disease

I know it’s been somewhat quiet here on the blog and I’m sorry. I have some pre-written posts, but they’re not supposed to be posted yet and I’m not capable of really writing anything right now.

I finally moved from Vienna to Linz, on the 25th of April. It’s the day of Liberty in Portugal, which I thought was kind of an appropriate date to make my move and start a new chapter of my life. Then last week I started taking care of the administrative things you always have to do when you move in Austria. I was feeling extremely tired and with low energy. It only got worse during the week and by Thursday evening after we got back from the rehearsal dinner of a wedding we’re attending next week, I realized my tonsils were swollen and with pus pustules again. I must confess I had a mini meltdown, I felt so overwhelmed and scared of what is going on since this is the third time I’ve been sick in one month.

Since Friday was a holiday in Austria, I had to wait until today to go to the doctors. The doctor told me to get a throat exam and some blood-work done, which I did. He does think that the tonsillitis is the effect of whatever I contracted and not the cause of the problem.

So now you know why I haven’t been writing or answering anyone’s emails. Please be patient, once I’m better, I’ll resume with the blogging, obviously, since I love it!



  1. 7. May 2015 / 12:04 pm

    such a cute picture!!!! love it!

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