Valentine casual rocky-chic outfit

Hey hey everyone!!

I’m bringing you another Valentine outfit for you girls! But this time I decided to show a more dressed down, cool yet still chic outfit! I would totally wear this. If I were the cool girl..

Anyways, here you go!

Valentine casual-chic outfit

I chose some jeans, skinny or boyfriend cut, that’s really your choice because both would look great! The I paired it with a black t-shirt and on top of that a crop sweater. Because I love the look of cropped sweaters with shirts underneath (and it’s not like I’m 15 anymore or have the body to wear crop shirts with nothing underneath). For shoes I chose a black pair of sandals that are pretty chic and will turn the outfit a bit more dressy without it being too dressed up!

The fun is in the accessories!!! I chose a red statement necklace that I think would look amazing with the black and grey from the tops and some red earrings, but smaller so they would still go well together! The clutch is my favorite I must say! Gold and burgundy go amazing together and it’s also a bit rocker-chic I think. For makeup I think a simple cat-eye with the focus on a dark red lip would look amazing, but if you’re feeling brave pair it with a dark sultry smokey eye! And of course, dark red nails!

What do you think? I think it’s chic yet very casual with a touch of rock!




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