Visiting the Zoo in Salzburg

If there is one thing Benjamin has from me is his love for animals. He loves any animal he encounters and would smother them to death with cuddles. Today I am telling you about our visit to the Zoo in Salzburg.

The love of animals runs in my family. I know the name of almost every dog in our neighborhood. Their owner’s name? No clue. So when a few weeks ago Markus surprised us with a trip to the Zoo in Salzburg, I was more than excited. The fact that it is also right next to one of the iconic Sound of Music locations just made it even more special to me.

Zoo Salzburg - Not just a Mom

Visiting the Zoo in Salzburg

If you asked me what I enjoyed the most in the Zoo in Salzburg, I would without a doubt say the view. Let me explain it: it has more of a “park” feel that of a zoo. Kinda like if you were walking in a park that just happened to have animals living there. You know, a very fancy park where you had to pay to get into. Actually, zoos are often called “animal parks” in Austria, so I guess that makes sense.

I also liked that dogs could get in, when on a leash. You can guess who pet a lot of them when her husband and son weren’t seeing. You can also buy food for some of the animals, which is great for the kids.

I find it so cute that Benjamin attracts animals just like I do. It shows he has a good energy and soul, which they notice and feel drawn too. And since he got it from me, it makes my heart swell with pride!

The Zoo in Salzburg also had a “Pet Zoo” – a cut-off area where you can pet baby animals, in this case, goats. Benjamin was overly excited to pet them but ended up yelling at them whenever they turned to him. Basically, he wanted to pet their butts and would get super offended whenever the baby goats turned their faces to him. 

Obviously, you go to the Zoo to see the animals. However, I really loved some of the areas of the Zoo in Salzburg that looked idyllic. They all had animals living in them, but I honestly almost forgot about it when I snapped the pictures you can see below. 

Not just a Zoo

The zoo is made so that you can walk a path through it. Some parts are only nature and a lot of spaces have viewing areas or places to sit and chill. There was even a playground for children where they could explore and learn things. And, of course, a food court. Where we got ice cream. And got Benjamin his own ice cream cup. I certainly did not want to share my ice cream with him.

The zoo is very child-friendly – as a zoo should be – and you can certainly take a stroller with you. The paths are very easy to navigate, but I wouldn’t advise you take only a buggy. Although it really would depend on the sturdiness of the buggy, if it is sturdy and can handle rough paths then you should be ok with just a buggy. 

All in all, I think the Zoo in Salzburg is a great destination to spend a family day! There’s a huge parking area and if you go to the Zoo, you also don’t need to pay for the parking, which is a plus. Have you ever gone to the Zoo in Salzburg? 


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