Wardrobe Essentials: Jeans!

Today’s “wardrobe essentials” post is all about something that is hanging in any closet and everyone has worn. It started out as a factory uniform and now it’s a day-to-day uniform all over the world:



Jeans have become such a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, that it would almost be a crime not to include it in this post! Whether they’re worn with a t-shirt and converse or a blouse with some heels, I think it’s ok to say that everyone loves them!

You can find them in different shapes and colors, which make them even more fun! My personal rule for wearing jeans for work is: the darker the better! I’m totally for wearing jeans to work, provided you don’t work at a bank or somewhere where you have to wear a suit or a uniform. The trick for using jeans in more formal situations is to wear it in a dark shade, a clean cut and not many details on the jeans. 

For other occasions you can wear them short (from bermudas to short shorts, it’s your choice!) or long and flowy with platform heels like the 70’s reborn style. The most sold styles worldwide at any given time are the skinny jeans and the bootcut or straight jeans, probably because they’re the most versatile of all.

What is your favorite type of jeans? How would you style yours?



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