Wedding Wednesday: the engagement ring

Welcome to the “Wedding Wednesday” series. Here I will share everything concerning my wedding. Today it’s going to be all about the engagement ring!

Engagement ring Rosie von Waldherr
Picture by Anna Horbachova


Markus proposed to me with a ring I already owned, which he had given me last year. The reason for this is because he wanted to make sure the actual engagement ring was something that fit me, my personality and my (very chubby) finger.

Some may think that getting the actual engagement ring after the proposal isn’t romantic, but I couldn’t disagree more! I hadn’t told him exactly what kind of ring I would like to have and this way we were able to go and get it together. Which makes the engagement all the more special!


We just had a baby. We will have to move places in a few years (because of said baby). And we are planning a wedding. Weddings cost money. A lot of money.

absolutely love diamonds. But I am also completely terrified of wearing them out. Not to mention that we wouldn’t be able to afford a diamond the size of the stone on my ring. But why not get a gold or platinum ring, with a zirconia stone? 

The main reason is pretty simple: the price. We knew we wanted to get the ring custom made because it is extremely difficult to good quality rings in my size. We will also get our wedding bands custom made, which will be in either gold or platinum. And frankly, I rather put the money into the weddings bands and maybe at a later time get the engagement ring “upgraded” to gold. Besides, I like sterling silver and wear it on a daily basis. It’s a great metal and if it is plated then it looks just like white gold.


I am going to be very honest: I didn’t really put too much thought into how the ring should be. On one hand, I already knew what I liked and on another hand, I know myself. Had I looked through thousands of engagement rings on Pinterest, I would get totally confused and end up not knowing what I wanted anymore. I knew I wanted a solitaire ring, a simple classic design. Because of my chubby fingers (prone to swelling, thanks Fibromyalgia!), we knew the band needed to be wider than usual. Especially because it is made out of silver, which is a very flexible metal. The last thing I wanted is for my engagement ring to be bent! My band is 5 mm wide, making it wide compared to other rings. 

As I said before, I knew I wanted a zirconia stone. And because the band is wider, we chose a slightly bigger stone. Originally the stone was almost the size of a 1 karat diamond (minus 1 mm). However, it was exactly as wide as the band and it looked lost…I really wanted that look of the stone being larger than the band. I actually got a bigger stone – equivalent to a 1.5 karat diamond – when I went to get it platted in July. It ended up perfect, exactly how I imagined it to be! Fun fact: Markus hasn’t noticed the stone was changed! 

I love that I got to design my own engagement ring, even if it is a very simple and common. The meaning behind it will be with me forever and I can’t wait to start designing the wedding bands and get it to match the ring. Did you help choose and get your engagement ring or did you let your partner do it alone?


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