Welcome to Not just a Mom

As you may probably already have noticed, there’s been a change here on the blog. Today I am sharing with you why I decided to rebrand the blog, why I chose this name and the changes coming up ahead on Not just a Mom.

Welcome to Not just a Mom

Most of you don’t know why I changed the blog’s name to Curvy Life Stories back in 2017. The truth is it was part of a class I was taking when doing my Social Media Manager Degree. We had to start a website and I decided on that name. And while I did love “Curvy Life Stories”, I felt like I had outgrown it in the last year.

When I got pregnant, it was like that was all people saw when talking to me (except for that male colleague who only noticed when I was close to 8 months along). Then as time went on, I became “mom” even before Benjamin was born. From the lady at the groceries store to my mother-in-law dropping hints about me having to give up all of my hobbies, everyone saw me as just one thing: Mom. “And how’s mom doing?” – was a question I hated and was constantly asked. Why couldn’t they just say “you” instead of “mom”, I asked myself constantly.

It was like everyone was stripping my identity down to just being a mother.

Not just a mom blog

Unapologetically me

Last year I briefly had a blog solely about motherhood, because everyone expected this blog to become only about being a mom and I did not want to write about it here. But the thing is, I may be a mom, but I am not just a mom! Why should I stop writing about the topics that interest me, simply because everyone else thought I should concentrate only on the blisses of motherhood?

This is my platform and I should write what I damn please to write. Yes, I am a mom. I am also a person, a woman, a friend and a whole bunch of other things.

I am done being apologetic and trying my hardest not to make any waves. I’m done thinking a billion times if what I write will be misinterpreted by an aunt who doesn’t understand English or sarcasm. If there is anything I learned during my life is that you will never make everyone happy. I am supposed to be living my life for me. Yet I have been living it with the constant thought of what others want me to be. Be it my parents or family, I am me and I am going to be me in every aspect of my life from now on. 

Welcome to a new chapter of my life.”Not just a mom” will feature everything from motherhood to makeup. It will be sponsored by coffee and loads of sarcasm, just like my real life. Stay for a while and have fun!



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