Well taken care of!

Even though Markus drives me crazy when he sometimes leaves his socks on the floor or his dirty dishes on the side of the sink, I gotta say I am very lucky with the man I chose to be with! He cooks, he cleans, he does the laundry, he can do anything and everything around the house!

Since one of the things my mum asks the most is if I’ve been eating properly, I decided to share here some of the dishes Markus cooked in the last few months, so everyone can see I am being well taken care of!

Carrot and pumpkin risotto with pumpkin wedges! I had never had risotto before meeting Markus and even though I tried some in restaurants after his first time cooking it for me, I gotta say that he does it better that anyone else!

Carrots and zucchini (courgette) puffs in the oven with sour cream. I has seen a recipe and showed him, when I got home on a Sunday he had done this for me!

Chicken in the oven with veggies and white rice. This was sooo good! You make everything in the oven together and then cook normal rice. The veggies can be changed according to your own preferences!

Pumpkin soup with home made croutons and pumpkin seed oil on top. I love soups and pumpkin soup is one of the most common soups here, due to the pumpkin patches in Austria.

As you can see, I not only found a good looking man, but also one who can cook! Which is a very good thing, taking into account my cooking abilities aren’t the best…

What do you guys think? Does your boyfriend also cook this good?

Let me know, are you also as well taken care of by the one you love?


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