We’ve landed and I’ve cooked!

Hey hey everyone!
I’m in Vienna! I arrived today at noon and had my cousin surprise me and pick me up from the airport! I was really speechless, because I had no idea she was planning on doing so, but it was really nice seeing her again! She helped me get to the place I’m staying and even got to pet Cookie, who was still a bit sleepy from her travel medication.
I didn’t end up doing much today, I had to find a litter box for Cookie and then went shopping for today’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch and walked a bit around the university area. I must say I missed this cold dry air! It is pretty cold, but I don’t mind, that just means I get to wear my new coat!!
Even though I had only had a semi-breakfast during the plane ride, I wasn’t really all that hungry, but I knew I had to eat something, so I made some veggies with mixed eggs. This is how it looked, topped with some cherry tomatoes and balsamic salad dressing.
What do you guys think? It was yummy and filled me up nicely! Would you like me to do more posts showing you what I eat? I know they’re quite popular in some blogs (and I personally love reading them!)
Have a great evening!


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