What I love about fall

I’ve previously written about this season here on the blog: here and here I shared 5 things I love about fall. Very aware that I am risking becoming a cliché, I am today sharing what else I love about Fall!

I am very much aware that Fall hasn’t begun yet and it pretty much is still Summer, judging by the temperatures. But on the calendar, it starts on the 21st of September, which is less than 10 days away. I think that I reason enough to dedicate a whole post to Fall! 


1- Nature. Especially since moving to Austria, I realized how much the seasons change. Here even if you live in the city, there are a lot more green spaces, which really change with the seasons. I love the Fall colors, the reds, and greens and the smell. Especially when you go into the countryside here, it is impossible not to love the landscape. 

2- New Beginnings. September and Fall are to me like a new beginning, with school starting it feels like a new slate. I also get a boost of motivation when it comes to content for the blog and the following months. 

3- Food. Even if it isn’t cold yet, I am totally craving comfort food. And by that, I mean things like stews and soups and anything with pumpkin and/or potatoes! I’ve been wanting to cook some chili for a while now, but it is still too hot for it outside. 

4- Cinnamon everything. I absolutely love cinnamon! I always use it when I bake, even if it is just a sprinkle. But my favorite way to have cinnamon (besides in coffee) is with apples! 

5- Benjamin. I may only have become a mother six (and a half!) months ago, but that is exactly why this year is so special for me. It is the first Fall season I get to experience with my baby, teaching him things, showing him everything he has never seen. Watching him learn and experience new things is the most amazing experience ever!

Fall has always been my favorite season and I don’t see that ending anytime soon. What is your favorite season and what do you like the most about them?


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