What to wear with the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Bag!

I’m currently home with food poisoning and therefore pajamas, un-brushed hair, and no makeup has been my look of the day for the last few days. Since I’m feeling a bit better (enough to not be running to the bathroom or sleeping all day), I decided to share with you guys an outfit perfect to wear with the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel bag! 

I did get a Michael Kors bag last week and cannot wait to share it with you next week here and on my youtube channel. But until then, you’ll have to settle for this post! So here it is:

What to wear with the Michael Kors Jet Set  Travel bag

Style Michael Kors Jet Set bag

The Jet Set Travel bag comes in a ton of colors, but for this outfit, I chose a simple black color that goes with everything. The first thing about the outfit would be the jeans – I live in jeans. I finally found my favorite jeans and I even bought a second pair, just because I love them so much. For me, a boyfriend shape is the most flattering. I would pair it with a button-down shirt under a striped jumper. Stripes are always in, aren’t they?

For shoes, I’d go for a pretty and simple ballerina flat. However, booties such as the ones above are also to die for! Since Markus is 1cm bigger than me, I avoid wearing heels. He totally wouldn’t mind, it’s just that I would feel like a giant next to him! For accessories I would keep it classy with some studs – I’ve been loving studs lately. And to top the look off a red lip, which looks good with every outfit! Also, I think a red lip takes every casual outfit to the next level!

What do you guys think? What would you wear with this bag? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know!


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