What we ate for New Year’s Eve

Or in other words, the wonderful meal my even more wonderful boyfriend cooked!

Since this was our first New Year together, we decided to spend it just the two of us. This was my first New Year’s Eve in Austria and Markus basically planned the perfect evening, with all the Austrian traditions I never knew – like Bleigießen, where you melt tin, drop it into cold water and then look at the figures and try to guess the future, by interpreting the figures. Somehow I kept seeing penises or weapons. My mother would surely say there some weird psychological issue with me or simply “you’re your father’s daughter” hehe.

But on to the food:

Did I ever mention that Markus not only likes cooking, but does it well? He decided to make chicken in the oven, with roasted potatoes and veggie couscous. It not only looked amazing, it smelled amazing and tasted even better!

I mean…seriously…how freaking delicious does this look???

This is how it looked on the plate. The couscous had paprika and tomatoes and was seasoned with lemon juice and mint leaves – which made it taste really yummy!

Markus didn’t do all the work though! I made dessert – partly because I didn’t want to not do anything and mostly because I wanted something sweet afterwards. 🙂

In Portugal a lot of the desserts are made with cream and sugar. Even though they’re good, they’re way too heavy and filling – so I decided to take inspiration and make a lighter version!

In Austria there is something called “topfen”, which I don’t know how to say in Portuguese and the internet says in English it’s called quark. But it’s not quite the same thing as quark.

Anyways, we got topfen, which is lighter than heavy cream, mixed in some sugar, milk and dry mint leaves and mixed it all. Then I crushed “maria” cookies – which people like saying is the same thing as butter cookies, but they’re “maria” cookies! – and put them at the bottom of a glass. I poured the cream mixture we made and topped it off with apple mousse. Do all of it another time until the glass is filled and voilá – you have a very light yet yummy dessert! I even took some the next day to work with me, for breakfast. What? It was the first day of the year…

What did you guys eat on New Year’s Eve? Let me know, I’d love to know what everyone else around the world ate on this evening!


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