When Spring comes, we need new shoes..

Spring decided to come early here in Vienna…and while in Portugal it’s been raining non stop, here the temperature has been mild and the sun makes an appearance from time to time…although he’s still a bit shy, but I think we’ll get there!
Since I thought it was going to be snowing here…or at least cold, I didn’t really pack many (or any) shoes suitable for Spring..I brought two pairs of shoes for this kind of weather, but they both have wedges and my feet were either boiling hot with boots or hurting at the end of three straight days with heels…
So of course, I did the natural thing..I went shopping!!! Well, kinda..
I was just “looking” but then I found these babies at Deichmann for 15€ and the rest is history!
I made the decision last year of shopping more for quality instead of quantity, but in this case it was a necessity and I wasn’t going to spend 50+€ on a pair of shoes right now when I’m on a very strict budget..I mean, I moved countries for crying out loud!
Anyways, they’re cute and comfortable, and at least my feet aren’t too hot..and they will last me at least until I’m not on a budget anymore and can get some better shoes!
What do you guys think? When Spring comes I live in ballerina flats..they’re just so great, go with everything and in this case I love the small rushing detail in the toe part of the shoe =)
Have a great day!


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