Why we love jerks

You know that kind of guy, the Jerk, right? The know-it-all, confidence-above-anything-else type of guy, that every girl loves? Well…let me tell you why girls love them.
The Jerk will think women love them because they’re oh so cool and so handsome and just the best thing ever and we cannot live without them because they make the world a better place. Well..truth is…reason we like them is:
Yup. Not because you’re so good, such a god among men, the best thing we’ve ever seen/met/heard of. 
Jerks are funny. They really do think they’re the best there is and that no woman can resist them…but more often than not, women just give them the time of day because they are entertaining, they’re a good laugh. 
Sorry to let you down fellas… 😉



  1. Anonymous
    23. December 2014 / 12:16 pm

    Oh Rosie you are so on point sometimes! It's funny because it is true!

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