What will happen to Curvy Life Stories?

EDIT: I pre-wrote this post, with the intent of publishing it before the baby arrived. However, as I already shared on my Instagram, baby decided to come early on the 23rd of February.  

I’ve been blogging for a decade now, consistently over 6 years and on this blog since 2011. I opened my first blog, only to share photographs, in 2005 while still in high-school. Blogging has been a part of my life through college, moving countries and getting pregnant. How will it go on?

Some people have asked me what I plan on doing with the blog after the baby is born. After all, I will have to give up my whole life once he’s here! One thing I do know is that I don’t want to give up blogging. Writing is my outlet and I just need this space and am not willing to give up my place in this community. I got to meet so many people, some who became good friends! 

But I will obviously not be able to post every day or even multiple times a week. I want to take the first weeks solely to concentrate on my little boy – after all, we need the time to really get to know each other! But I don’t want this space to go down and be forgotten, which is very easy to happen in the blogosphere.

Right now I am not posting as often as I used to, that doesn’t mean I’m not working in the background! I am pre-writing a bunch of articles to go up on the blog. I wanted to be posting 3 articles a week, that would be my personal ideal number. However, that wasn’t possible even when I was working and is definitely not possible now, so I tried to go down to two posts. 

Truth be told, I put to much pressure on myself! Is it really necessary to post so much a week? Do I have to do it? No! I don’t have to do anything. This is my blog after all! I was getting caught up in the themes I want to write about, wanting to alternate a food article with a review or a pregnancy update. 

Curvy Life Stories - Rosie von Waldherr


Curvy Life Stories isn’t going anywhere! I will continue posting articles here, I will continue being active on social media. What will change is the amount going online at a time. I will start only publishing one article per week on the blog. Starting now.

Regarding social media: I like using when I want to use it. I will post pictures on Instagram whenever I feel like it, just like I am doing now. Yes, I will eventually let everyone know when the baby is here. Don’t ask me when or how, though. I haven’t decided and won’t decide in advance. I may want to share it right away or just a few weeks later and that is my own right.

A blogger is “out there”, whether we want it or not. We put out lives out there, we make it public. But we are also in charge of what is made public and when it happens. That is a right I am not willing to give up and, luckily, my blog isn’t that bit that I can’t control it. 

I will be entering a new phase of my life, and so will the blog. The only thing I ask you all is to be patient, we aren’t going anywhere! We may be slowing down a bit, publishing less, but we will continue being here! I appreciate everyone’s understanding and expect you to respect my decision. 


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