Yay or Nay: The Fur vest!

Hey hey everyone!!
I haven’t done a “Yay or Nay” post in quite some time so I decided it’s been time for a new one! And this time I’ll be asking you about fur vests! Preferably fake fur, but if you roll with real fur….well, it’s your choice! I don’t agree but I will not judge either!
So, regarding to (fake) fur vests I’m on the “yay” side BUT it has to be the right vest, or else you can look frumpy!!!
I also think everyone, regardless of their body shape, can wear a fur vest!!! The trick is to know what works for you! I for instance would go for a belted style because it would show off my curves instead of making me look bigger than I actually am!


I think a vest has something glamorous about it! It just looks so classy and doesn’t really have to be all that expensive! It is also a great way to keep warm in the winter when you don’t want to have a huge coat on, layered the right way it can work magic!


What do YOU guys think? Is it a “Yay” or a “Nay”? Let me know if you like them or not and why! And also, how you wear them if that is the case!!
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  1. Nora
    27. November 2012 / 1:25 pm

    I like fur vests I think is YAY!

  2. 27. November 2012 / 4:45 pm

    I do judge those who wear fur as its made in the most hideous torturing fashion, they are skinned alive. I say a big NO!! I am more of a classic dresser and these looks to me are tacky tacky tacky. Even the so called Faux fur that people wear to fear better are coming from China made out of dog and cat fur, NOTE if its faux it only means it is not a fur farmed animals and it is probably a dog or cat or even a rabbit. They are reaised by the billions in China on faux fur factories. Please get educated before you choose to wear a animal skin. Its disgusting, even the faux is not free of animal hides. Lets all make a better choice !

  3. 27. November 2012 / 4:46 pm

    And for those who judge spelling errors , I have no use of one hand and little use of the other so grow up, some of us have disabilities.

  4. 30. November 2012 / 2:32 pm

    I like them too…but I prefer them to be faux fur!


  5. 30. November 2012 / 2:40 pm

    I respect your opinion! I do quite like faux fur vests and I always look at the tag, if they're made out of polyamide or such, then it doesn't contain any animal skin! I don't know if what you say about there being animal factories in China just for this is true, but it wouldn't surprise me…They're very cruel like that.. =(


  6. 30. November 2012 / 2:43 pm

    I don't think this second comment was needed…no one is going to judge spelling errors (and you write really well!! =D), as a matter of fact, I tend do make some myself…it's all good!

  7. 30. November 2012 / 2:44 pm

    You'll find one that suits you and will make you look great! You just have to keep looking! =D


  8. 30. November 2012 / 2:46 pm

    Thank you =) I am already following you!


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