Yelling won’t help

We have a mailmen, or at least I think we do, since we do receive letters. But whenever it comes to packages, somehow, they never ring the door. Like. EVER. And it’s not like people aren’t home, I’ve been home for a lot of the times and they just don’r ring the bell and instead leave a pick-up paper and leave the packages with the old lady from the store at the corner. They’re just lazy and never ring the bell (since I’ve been living here they rang ONCE!) Now, even if it’s annoying I haven’t really complained because let’s be honest, going to the other side of the street isn’t really all that hard. But today I got mad:

I have been waiting for my Glossybox to arrive for over 2 weeks. On the website it said it had already been delivered and usually once it turns green you know you’ll get it in the next few days. This was 10 days ago. Today I decided enough was enough and decided to investigate. I found out that you can get the tracking number and decided to go check out where the package was. It’s been here. In Linz. In the post office. For the last 10 days


So I went to the post office to pick it up and complain. I explained the situation and the lady at the counter felt really bad and gave me the phone number to make a complaint about it because she can’t do anything about it herself. And then she proceeded to thank me for not yelling at her and being calm and composed, even though she could see I was really annoyed at the situation. To me it’s common sense not to scream at someone, especially when they’re not at fault (or even if they are!), but unfortunately that’s the reality in today’s world. Now let me go and call the people of the hotline. I don’t promise I’ll be as nice this time.




    • 13. October 2015 / 12:13 pm

      Yup, and others aren’t at fault for our problems..

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